Date: Saturday, February 24, 2018
Time: 12:00 PM – 4:00 PM

Location: Ripley Grier Studios
520 8th Avenue
New York, NY 10018
16th floor Studio #16 T

Empty Hand vs Knife
Dulo-Dulo, Palmstick/Tactical Flashlight
Sword and Bowie Knife


Price (pay by Feb 20th) $65
Door price: $75

For more information, contact Master Rich Acosta at



With Tuhons Bill McGrath, Scott Faulk, Jack Latorre and the senior instructors of Pekiti-Tirsia International

Bowdoin Park, Wappingers Falls, NY


Friday 8/3 (open to both PTI members and non-members)
Morning session: Solo Baston 5 Attacks Subsystem with Tuhon Bill McGrath
Afternoon session: Boxing and Thai Pad drills with MMA Coach Dan Terrell

Saturday 8/4 & Sunday 8/5 (Closed seminar for PTI members only*)

Sat morning and afternoon and Sun morning schedule:
All three sets of Seguidas will be taught in 3 simultaneous classes for all three sessions.
Tuhon McGrath will be teaching Seguidas set 1.
Tuhon Faulk will be teaching Seguidas set 2.
Tuhon Latorre will be teaching Seguidas set 3.

Students may transfer from each Tuhon’s class as they wish, to pick up the techniques they need.

Sunday Afternoon session: All instructors will teach a special clinic on the knife and empty hand versions of the third set of Seguidas.

The techniques being taught on Saturday and Sunday are advanced material. Therefore it is strongly recommended that you have either the 5 Attacks Subsystem or 64 Attacks signed in your test books or at least one year of training in Filipino martial arts before you attend this camp. This is not a camp for beginners!

The seminar will run each day from 9 am to 5 pm with a two hour lunch break. Testing will be open from 5:30 to 7pm.

The first ten PTI members to sign up for all three days of the camp will receive two rattan training sticks, custom cut to fit them, on day one of the seminar.

Early pay date: (by April 1st, 2018)

Friday 8/3: $52.50 for PTI members. $70 for non-members

Sat & Sun 8/4-5/2018 $50 per day for PTI members only (use your PTI member discount code, plus the numbers 2018, to pay this price).

Late pay date: (April 2nd to August 2nd)

Friday 8/3 $75 per day for PTI members; $100 per day for non-members.

Sat & Sun 8/4-5/2018 $75 per day. These two days are open only to PTI members.

No payments can be made at the door for this seminar.
To register, visit the PTI Store SEMINAR page.



April 28-29  Szolnok, Hungary:

Saturday: Abcedario de Mano,
Sunday: Pekiti de Mano,
Contact: Guro Zoltan Juhasz at:

May 4, 5, 6, 7  Hannover, Germany:

Friday evening: SEAMAG School: Espada y Daga set 2 Recontras.

Saturday KENPOKAN Dojo
Session 1: Solo Contradas set 1.
Session 2: Solo Knife.

Sunday KENPOKAN Dojo
Session 1: Doble Contradas.
Session 2: Pekiti De Mano with Advanced Empty Hands vs Knife review.

Monday Evening: SEAMAG School: Double Knife

For SEAMAG contact Guro Jens Thomsen at:

For KENPOKAN contact Guro Ralf Beckmann at:

May 11-12-13  Lanton, France

Friday: Instructor’s knife clinic,
Saturday: Spear sets 1, 2 & 3,
Sunday: Seguidas set 3, Hand & Knife variations
Contact: Mataas na Guro Chris Verdot at:

May 18-19-20-21  Porvoo, Finland

Friday: Solo Florete. 1st set of Seguidas for Bowie knife.
Saturday: Solo Contradas set 1.
Sunday: Hatchet, Tomahawk and Kukri.
Monday: Advanced class. Edged Weapon Retention.
Contact Guro Kaj Westersund at:

May 25-26-27  Milan & Frosinone, Italy

Milan: Friday evening and Saturday morning Instructor testing on 5 attacks subsystem and Double Baston 12 attacks.
Milan: Saturday afternoon OPEN SEMINAR on Advanced empty hand vs Knife
Frosinone: Sunday afternoon OPEN SEMINAR Pekiti Disarma

Contact: Guro Andrea Citarelli at:



2018 monthly seminars in Rochester, NY with Tuhon Jack Lattore
The American Legion Post
61 Main Street
Scottsville, New York 14546?Cost: $50 per person.
Time:1pm to 5pm

January 20…Solo Baston Sub-System

February 17…Pekiti Disarma

March 17…Doble Baston Dirty Dozen

April 21…Solo Baston Recontras Set One

May 19…Doble Baston Attacks and Drills

June 16…Solo Baston Recontras Set Two

July 21…Basic Hand Versus Knife

August…no seminar/PTI Summer Camp

September 15…Espada Y Daga Level Two Attacks (and hopefully Disarms)

October 20…Doble Disarma

November 17…Espada Y Daga Level Two Contradas

December…no seminar

Things To Bring: Rattan sticks, eye protection, water, snacks/fruits/protein bars, training blades (optional), comfortable clothing and a pen/pencil/notebook (optional).
No video recording is allowed.
All dates are subject to change pending family emergencies and such. In such an instance, efforts will be made to post this information on this website in a timely fashion.
I hope you can join us for training, fun and camaraderie.
Best,?Jack A. Latorre?Tuhon?Pekiti-Tirsia International?


Other Pekiti-Tirsia International affiliated instructors available for seminars.

Tuhon Magino’o Guro Mike Popolizio
Long Island, NY
Contact Mike at

Mataas na Guro Erwin Ballarta
Austin, TX
Contact Michael Lohmeier at

Tuhon Jack Latorre
Rochester, NY

Tuhon Scott Faulk
Sulphur, LA

Mataas na Guro Zach Whitson
Butler, TN

Mataas na Guro Jerry McCleary
Knoxville, TN

Mataas na Guro Chris Ash
Myrtle Beach, SC

Guro Delawa Chris Northstrom
Myrtle Beach, SC